From The Sun Jan. 22-28, 1845Jan. 22: An old bachelor's...


January 22, 1995|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Jan. 22-28, 1845

Jan. 22: An old bachelor's residence in Brooklyn was robbed Saturday night of the following choice articles: Three shirts, one pair boots, one lot smoked beef, one of corned, a small stock of cold dumplings, twelve shillings in silver, and a coat.

Jan. 25: Imprisonment for Debt -- This admitted "relic of &r barbarism" ought to be abolished. We have often insisted upon this, and argued repeatedly toward this consummation.

From The Sun Jan. 22-28, 1895

Jan. 22: Excitement was created at the corner of Baltimore and North streets yesterday morning by the breaking of one of the overhead trolley wires. The wire was broken by the trolley-pole of one of the City and Suburban cars slipping off and striking it a severe blow.

Jan. 23: Residents of Roland and Tuxedo Parks have twice petitioned the Baltimore County Commissioners to station a steam fire engine company at Roland Park.

From The Sun Jan. 22-28, 1945

Jan. 23: A bill, introduced in the City Council yesterday, prohibiting smoking in public conveyances here, may be amended to make its provisions permanent instead of merely for the duration of the war.

Jan. 25: Seldom it is that a professional movie-goer has a chance to sit back and relax in full enjoyment of a motion picture. One of these rare opportunities is offered in "Meet Me in St. Louis," now at the Century Theater.

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