Determine your vacation goals before deciding where to go

January 22, 1995|By New York Daily News

When it comes to vacations, expectations may vary. You enjoy candlelight dinners under the stars; she wants to go rock climbing. You prefer to lounge on the beach; he wants to visit historic ruins. Finding a way to satisfy everyone isn't easy.

A recent survey commissioned by Marriott Resorts in the Caribbean and Bermuda indicates that nearly half of all people who took a vacation in the past year said that something had gone wrong or that it somehow fell short of their expectations.

The survey also found that a major factor in influencing the success of a vacation, is your "vacation personality" -- whether you're adventurous, romantic, athletic, indulgent or a combination of any of the four.

Here are descriptions of the four types and their reasons for taking a vacation, as revealed in the Marriott Resorts Vacation Profile Self-Test:

* The Adventurer: Takes vacations to try something new. Likes to explore new places, new cultures and their histories. The adventurer is enjoys live music or theater. Adventurers define romance as walking on the beach or outdoors or having a leisurely dinner.

* The Romantic: Looking for enhanced relationship with significant other. Defines romance as walking on the beach or outdoors, just being together or sharing an intimate evening. Likes sightseeing and shopping; not too interested in sports.

* The Athlete: Seeks new experiences. Likes to participate in or ++ watch sporting activities and takes many vacations a year to pursue sports and recreation. Prefers beach activities and night life. Defines romance as a walk on the beach or outdoors.

* The Indulger: Wants a vacation to recharge batteries. Likes to be pampered to escape job pressures and housework. Also likes shopping, sightseeing and the beach. Defines romance as a walk on the beach or outdoors, or a leisurely dinner.

For those who want to find out their particular vacation personality, the Marriott Resorts Vacation Profile Self-Test is available to consumers while quantities last. Call (800) 732-6027.

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