Kudos to youths after a bow to Beethoven


January 20, 1995|By LOURDES SULLIVAN

Music overwhelms us. Whether in the grip of Beethoven's Fifth or Stone Temple Pilots, we are outside ourselves, wandering where words have no meaning, where beat and measure conjure deep emotions. I admire musicians.

They can do what I cannot: create the sounds that move me.

My own toddler shushes me when I sing. I'd prefer to think that it's because she associates Mom's lullabies with the awfulness that is nap-time, but I fear I have a real music lover in the house.

So it is with awed enthusiasm that I report the musical achievements of area students. It's time for the musically inclined to take their bows!

The following local students have been selected to perform in countywide ensembles.

Josh Sperling, of Bollman Bridge Elementary plays the violin; Bianca Marchany of Forest Ridge plays the cello; and Catherine Kim, Elizabeth Park and Tania Welker all of Hammond Elementary, play the violin in the 1994-'95 Howard County Elementary Enrichment Orchestra.

The following local students have been selected to the Howard County Middle School Gifted and Talented Symphonic Band: clarinetist Kristin Barth, flutist Bonnie Richard, percussionist Katie Lee, trombonist Michael Ferguson, trumpeter Amy Bejm and tuba player Thomas Lakesina Jr. These students all go to Hammond Middle School.

Patuxent Valley Middle also sends musicians to the band. Seth Kusnetz plays French horn and Justin LaClere plays trombone.

There is also a countywide Middle School GT Orchestra. Cellist Hans-Dieter Ostendorp and violinists Yang An and Cathy Welker of Hammond Middle belong to it, as do Patuxent Valley Middle School violinists Bobbie Chern, Hakeem Clark and Kathleen Duncan.

Hammond High has a terrific musical program. Nine students have been selected as members of the High School G/T !B orchestra. Tamara Daniels plays the cello; Lisa Ball plays the French horn, as do Cally Duncan and Jenna Sommers; Alex Ferguson plays the trombone; Vasili Frankos plays the viola; and Rachel Keyser, Kim Loisel and Kalina Sliwinski play the violin.

More than 120 Howard County school musicians have been selected to join various Maryland All State performing groups.

We are honored to have so many fine players in the county. Lisa Ball plays French horn and Alex Ferguson plays trombone in the Senior Concert Band.

Tamara Daniels and Vasili Frankos of Hammond High play cello and viola in the Senior Orchestra. Shani Harris of Hammond High is an alto in the Senior Chorus.

Hammond Middle schoolers Bryan Adkins, Kristin Barth, Amy Bejm and Matt McGuigan have been selected for the Junior Concert Band. They play the alto saxophone, the clarinet and the trumpet.


The pleasant weather has spurred the Savage Boys and Girls Club teams to greater efforts.

The Terrapins tallied their fourth straight victory, defeating the Tigers. Brian Nagle and Matt Stevens led the Terrapins on offense, with strong defensive aid from Nick Purdy.

Kim Myrick led the scoring for the Tigers with help from David Rusk and Jason Strauss.

The Wolverines beat the Lions, 19-12. Daniel Parrish, Ken Brown and Katie Ryan led for the Wolverines. Jeremy Breen, Ashley Mills and Michael Panzera led for the Lions.

The Spartans beat the Hawkeyes 32-27 in an exciting game that featured Kevin Showe scoring 22 points for the Spartans. Kevin Oxenrider played strong defense, while Brian Dix scored 4 points. For the Hawkeyes, Chris Kelly scored 19 points, with Robert Giles and Mike Feighner scoring 4 points each.

In the Junior league, the Badgers beat the Wolverines, 33-12. Mansor Ahmed, Ben Peters and Matthew Webner led for the Badgers. Daniel Rusk, Lindsey Greer and Megan Gallivan led for the Wolverines.

The Spartans defeated the Lions 38-33. Justin Kevan, Aubrey Barrett and John Engelkemier led the Spartans against Michelle McKenna, Sarah Walker and Devin Emery for the Lions.

The Wildcats beat the Hoosiers, 45-29. Brian Cunningham anTara Zammichieli led the Wildcats, with Tom Newcomb getting seven of nine free throws. Julie Bixler, Brian Brewer and Zack Floyd led the Hoosiers.

In the intermediate league, the Knicks defeated the Celtics, 73-29. Earl Kelly led the Knicks with 32 points, with Brian Hurford scoring 16. Mike Ostrander did a great job supporting his teammates. Lance Rutledge, Bryen Johnson and Matt McGuigan led the Celtics.

I'd like to thank Lisa Warwick for her weekly reports on the Savage Boys and Girls clubs' activities.


The Howard County Department of Parks and Recreation offers classes in calligraphy at Hammond High beginning Jan. 30 at 7 p.m.

The classes run for six weeks and last 1 1/2 hours each. The cost is $38, plus a $12 materials fee.

Amateur photographers can get lessons in improving their skills at Forest Ridge School Recreation Center beginning Feb 7 at 7 p.m.

The six week, two-hour series costs $33.


Surprise your valentine with a romantic dinner you cook yourself.

In two hours on Jan. 30, you can learn to make Oysters Rockefeller, chicken breast with champagne sauce and tender berries and cream for dessert.

John Neaullt teaches these skills at Hammond High's home economics room that night. The cost is $8, plus a$6 materials fee.

For details call (410) 313-2762.

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