Business owner juggles jobs, school, life


January 20, 1995|By KATHY SUTPHIN

Dreary, dismal days never darken the spirit of Mount Airy resident Tina Loberg because the 20-year-old entrepreneur makes her own sunshine.

The owner of Beat the Heat Hi-Tech Tanning operates a five-booth tanning salon in Mount Airy. The busy 1992 South Carroll High School graduate opened the business in November 1993, about six months after a tanning salon in the same location in Dubbaneh Plaza closed. "I wanted the challenge to take something under my wing and do it in the right way," said Ms. Loberg.

The nest egg Ms. Loberg had saved since she was in high school was used to rewire, renovate, and redecorate the vacated office space. She said she has worked two jobs and saved her earnings since her sophomore year at South Carroll. "I took a loan for the tanning beds," she said.

Assistance from family and friends helped to open the business, said Miss Loberg. Her mother, Diane Loberg, helped clean while her father, John Loberg, did the carpentry work. Ms. Loberg's boyfriend, Bob Linton, added many fine details.

"My boyfriend had more confidence in me than I did at first," Ms. Loberg said.

Anton Dubbaneh, the owner of the shopping center, also was supportive of her venture, according to Ms. Loberg.

During the busy season -- mid-February to June -- two employees work the front desk, Ms. Loberg said. She recalled one evening during prom season when 30 people were waiting for a booth and the salon stayed open until midnight to accommodate everyone. "It was like the biggest social gathering," she said.

Ms. Loberg said she plans to do a business "face lift" this summer including the addition of two more tanning booths and a computer to help organize client lists.

"I always reinvest money back in the business. I rarely take any money for myself," said Ms. Loberg. "It's nice to have a business in Mount Airy, especially if you grow up here, you know everybody."

In addition to working 22 hours each week at her business, Ms. Loberg works about 23 hours each week as a surgical technician for Dr. Peter Liashek, an oral surgeon who practices in New Market and Germantown.

She also is a full-time student at Carroll Community College, where she said she maintains a 3.2 grade point average. Miss Loberg plans to earn her nursing degree by May 1996.

Ms. Loberg's long-range goals include getting a nursing job and then attending medical school. "My ultimate goal is to open a pediatric practice in Mount Airy."

Ms. Loberg still finds time to be active in her community. The former South Carroll cheerleader has coached the Mount Airy Youth Athletics Association "varsity" (third-grade) cheerleaders and is a recent member to the Town of Mount Airy's Beautification Committee.

"I'm always used to being busy -- if I'm not busy, I'm not happy," said Ms. Loberg. "I couldn't have done it without the support of my family and Bob. They do everything to keep me going."


Mount Airy Recreation Council coordinators have been busy planning a roster of spring sports for area youth.

Mount Airy youngsters will be able to look forward to participating in tee ball (kindergarten through third grade), girls' softball (grades 4 to 8), boys' softball (grades 7 and 8), or soccer (grades 1 to 8) this spring.

Registration will be held in the lobby of Mount Airy Middle School on Jan 28 from 9 a.m. to noon; Feb. 1 from 6 to 9 p.m.; and Feb. 4 from 9 a.m. to noon. Fees range from $15 to $40, depending on the sport and/or the number of children in each family who are enrolling.

Questions should be directed to the following people: girls' softball, Denny Ahalt, (301) 829-2406; boys' softball or tee ball, Rick Harmer, (301) 829-2428; or soccer, Sam Beck, (301) 829-1453.

Registrations will not be accepted for MARC spring sports after Feb. 5.

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