2 St. John's College students robbed by gunman in boathouse

January 19, 1995

Two St. John's College students were robbed at gunpoint in a boathouse on the Annapolis campus early Tuesday morning as they cleaned up after a late-night party, police said.

Adam Wing, 23, and Kate Feld, 21, who both live on campus, were in the boathouse at 3:45 a.m. when a man in military camouflage entered the room and pointed a handgun at them, city police said.

The assailant never spoke to the students but motioned to them to hand over their money and then stand at the back of the room, police said. Mr. Wing took out his wallet, threw $20 on the floor in front of the suspect and eventually ran with Ms. Feld to a 7-Eleven store on Taylor Avenue, police said.

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