Striping plan on Stevens Forest Road gets community support vote due

January 19, 1995|By Alisa Samuels | Alisa Samuels,Sun Staff Writer

The Oakland Mills Village Board could vote next week on a striping plan aimed at reducing speeding and reckless driving on Stevens Forest Road.

The community expressed support for the plan during an hourlong meeting Tuesday night, said board member Eric Bauman.

"One fellow [said he] came within a millimeter of being creamed while he was mowing his lawn," said Mr. Bauman. "So, of course, he was very supportive of the plan.

Mr. Bauman, who is chairman of the board's traffic action committee, said that "at this point, we've obtained what we interpret as community support for the plan."

The traffic committee will formally ask the board to approve the striping plan during the next village board meeting Tuesday.

If it is approved, county engineers will decide when to do the work, probably in the spring.

The striping plan was drafted in November. It would affect about 4,000 feet of Stevens Forest Road, from Broken Land Parkway to Camelback Lane, county engineers said.

The street markings would clearly delineate traffic lanes from parking lanes on Stevens Forest Road, which has one lane of traffic in each direction.

The problem has been that motorists think the road has two lanes in each direction and are passing each other, hitting parked vehicles and nearly striking residents in front of their homes.

Each day, 10,244 vehicles travel Stevens Forest Road, according to 1992 figures, county engineers said.

Diane Schwarzman, a county traffic engineer, said she believes the markings will be effective.

"It really does affect their daily lives, whether they're out playing with their children or mowing the grass," she said of the area residents. "I think the new pavement marking plan will really help the citizens get back some of the community they had before all the traffic."

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