Lord Kagan, 79, who made millions from the invention of a...


January 19, 1995

Lord Kagan, 79, who made millions from the invention of a lightweight raincoat and bounced back from the disgrace of a prison term, died Tuesday in London. In 1980, he was convicted of false accounting, involving the export of denim and the theft of indigo dye. He served 202 days in prison and was stripped of his knighthood. He retained the peerage, which can only be invalidated by legislation.

Adolf Butenandt, 91, whose pioneering work on hormones earned him the 1939 Nobel Prize in chemistry and helped lead to the development of the birth control pill, died yesterday after a long illness in Munich, Germany. In 1929, he isolated the female hormone estrone, and two years later the male hormone androsterone. He isolated the pregnancy hormone progesterone in 1935, when he also synthesized the male hormone testosterone.

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