HISTORIAN Doris Kearns Goodwin on the idea that the...


January 16, 1995

HISTORIAN Doris Kearns Goodwin on the idea that the presidency has entered a cycle of weakness:

"Gingrich has authored leadership and it's a country that's hungry for leadership, and he's stepped up to the plate with ideas, conviction, and energy. . .

"If he were to run two years from now for president, and were to be elected president, the power would shift over there.

"The real test will be, like in the 19th century when speakers were really popular, they counted all the babies named after them. . . . We'll have to see how many Newts we'll have, then we'll know."

(From the MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour on PBS.)

* * *

THE diminutive senator from Highlandtown has finally made a big splash -- in the 1995 "World Almanac" of all places.

But it's not exactly what Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski had in mind. Instead of portraying her as an august senator arguing incisive points of law on Capitol Hill, Ms. Mikulski is captured -- in living color, no less -- in a public relations pose holding a "street sweeper" assault weapon with the Capitol dome in the background.

She looks more like a "pistol packin' momma" than a respected leader of the new minority party on the Hill.

To make matters worse, the photo of Ms. Mikulski has her holding the street sweeper so that she's ready to fire -- at the fellow in the photo to the right. Who just happens to be disgraced and defeated (and indicted) congressional powerhouse Dan Rostenkowski.

Fire when ready, Barb!

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