Marxism at UMBCI am astonished that The Baltimore Sun...


January 16, 1995

Marxism at UMBC

I am astonished that The Baltimore Sun would print such a piece of garbage as Peter A. Jay's "Cold War Echoes in Catonsville."

In his article, Mr. Jay clearly believes that Dr. Dibble's lawsuit against UMBC has merit,and he accuses the school of being controlled by "Marxists." How a "writer and farmer" living in Havre de Grace could make such a determination is beyond me.

Did Mr. Jay ever visit UMBC? Does he know the individuals involved? Could Dr. Dibble's assertions be the false accusations of a disgruntled employee?

Of course, Mr. Jay never even considers these options. Otherwise, he could not attack UMBC and the "academic establishment" with the zeal of a Joe McCarthy.

I won't even begin to address Mr. Jay's obvious ignorance concerning Marxist thought and theory. Suffice it to say that he should confine his writing and his thoughts to farming. Shame on The Baltimore Sun for printing an article more befitting of a supermarket tabloid.

Don Himes


Stamp's Price

I would like to respond to Matthew Aiken's "Price of a Stamp" letter (Dec. 20). I would propose that Mr. Aiken is misinformed and flat out wrong.

First of all, the Postal Service receives no taxpayer money whatsoever.

I feel that I should stress this point because Mr. Aiken connotes that somehow "our money" is the same money that we submit as taxes. This is not the case.

The Postal Service is a business to the extent that it provides a service for a fee. And it is with the income it derives that it is able to stay in business.

And one very important ingredient to staying in business is advertisement and marketing. The service is not alone in the world of parcel delivery and has to do what it can to maintain its competitive edge.

But to suggest that the rate increase is due to the increase in advertising is absurd. The main reason the Postal Service is experiencing difficult financial times is the federal government.

The service is required by law to contribute hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars to reduce the deficit. This is where the service incurs budget shortfalls.

So if anyone is really angry about the rate hike, I would suggest that you lay the blame on the representatives in Congress who continue to find ways to waste "our money."

The Postal Service is just doing what it has to do to survive while its pocket is being picked by the federal government.

Robert J. Lake


Feeding Frenzy

I am sorry that it was so tedious for the press corps to have to sit through Dee Dee Myers Top 10 list of President Clinton's accomplishments, mentioned in a Dec. 23 story in The Sun.

Perhaps if members of the press corps had been more diligent in reporting Mr. Clinton's accomplishments, they would not have had tobe "forced to sit through" this ordeal.

I personally was frustrated to have the list mentioned and not know what the claimed accomplishments were.

I am one of the very few people on the planet who feel that Mr. Clinton has been doing, against incredible odds, a good job.

However, all too soon after his inauguration, the blood was in the water, and it was much more fun to focus on the scandals and rumors of scandals around Mr. Clinton than to report what was actually being done, and to reflect seriously on how it might be an honest attempt to do what is right for America.

There is a hint of blood around Newt Gingrich now. He must be beginning to feel the circling in the water.

Before another feeding frenzy begins, could we call a truce and make a New Year's resolution to try to learn what is being done in the government of our country, so that we could analyze dispassionately what the long-term advantages and disadvantages may be?

Shirley Cammack



Connie Chung coerced Catherine Gingrich into saying that her son called Hillary Clinton a "bitch"? Please.

What did Mrs. Gingrich expect when she followed up Ms. Chung's questions with more information that wasn't asked for?

Mrs. Gingrich could simply have said "nothing" and kept her mouth shut after that.

When she followed up by adding "and I won't tell you what he said about Hillary", neither Connie Chung nor any competent journalist could be faulted for just letting the statement hang there in the air.

Even ordinary folks like you and me would have said "Why? What did she say?"

And, as a parent of a political figure, Mrs. Gingrich certainly has had enough opportunity to observe journalists in action.

She can't possibly be so naive as to trust the concept of "off the record." Even employees at my workplace (University of Maryland University College) are counseled to assume when speaking with a reporter that there is no such thing as "off the record."

As long as Rep. Newt Gingrich is a figure of news interest, Mrs. Gingrich is going to have to learn how to handle the media better. Unless of course, she secretly wanted to let all of us know what her son thinks of the First Lady.

Beth Woodell


Gun Violence

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