Sutherland keeps Junior Varsity rolling


January 15, 1995|By DON VITEK

At Brunswick Columbia the first half of the 1994-95 Young American Bowling Alliance season is finished.

Brad Fox, a coach with the Saturday morning youth league, reports that the young tenpin bowlers have set some impressive marks.

Junior Varsity Team 1 -- Derek Fox, Jason Turnbull, Chris Miller, Chrystal Sutherland and Brandon Fox -- is in first place by seven games.

Sutherland led the girls with a 127 average.

Sutherland, 12, lives in Columbia. The seventh-grader at Bethel Christian Academy began throwing a tenpin ball when she was 4; she has a career-high game and set of 205 and 499, respectively.

"When she had her 499 set she was a little upset," her mother, Jennifer, said. "She was shouting, 'Just one pin away, just one pin!' "

"I have been practicing some," Sutherland said. "And the new ball [a 12-pound Rhino] feels good."

Good enough that she's developed a little hook, just enough to post a few more strikes.

And, every Saturday morning her grandmother, Jean Stanley, is at Columbia doing a little coaching and a lot of cheering.

Mitchell Nadelberg fired a 219 game to take top honors for high scratch game. He followed that feat with a 274 handicap game to top the list in the handicap division.

Nadelberg's scratch 481 set and 165 handicap pins captured the three-game series handicap set.

Charles Austin had a 555 series to take honors as the highest scratch set.

Bradon Fox had high average with 147.

Andrea Devereaux posted a 184 high-scratch game for the girls division.

Samantha Horvath took the handicap high single girls game by adding 78 pins to her scratch game of 175.

Bethany Smith, with a 458 set, took high-scratch series honors for the girls.

Raquel Pittiglio combined her scratch games of 443 with a handicap of 228 for a 671 handicap total.

Billy Little Jr., a senior varsity bowler, dominated his division. His 189 average was high, and he fired a 264 game and a three-game set of 643.

"I concentrate a little more in tournaments," Little said. "That's why I average higher than in league play."

While his YABA Saturday morning average is 189, when he's on the tournament trail he's at a 195 pace.

The 16-year-old Columbia resident, a junior at Howard High, has posted a 279 game and a 710 set.

Not comfortable

Aaron Brooks says, "I just don't feel comfortable on the lanes somehow."

Uncomfortable or not, he fired a 718 series at Brunswick Columbia last month in the Wednesday Night Men's league.

Bowling for "about 20 years," the Columbia resident is averaging 216, which is 10 pins better than last season. His career-high game is a 299.

"And I've shot a couple of 297s, a couple of 298s but I just can't seem to get that perfect game," he said. "Some day it'll come."

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