Acting classes open to youths during winter

January 15, 1995

Theatreworks . . . Live Inc., an educational theater program for children, will offer a variety of winter acting classes Saturdays, beginning this week at John Carroll School in Bel Air.

They include:

* "Scene Study," for ages 12 to 17, which is designed for serious acting students. The course offers an in-depth exploration of scenes from contemporary plays.

* "Building A Character," for ages 9 to 12, which focuses on self-awareness and character development.

* "Creative Story Theatre," for ages 5 to 8, which allows children to use their natural gifts of imagination and make-believe as they listen to and then act out stories, poems and songs.

* "Shakespeare On Stage," for ages 14 to 17, which is for high school students who have acting experience. Students will become familiar with Shakespeare's writings and learn how to effectively perform these works on stage.

* "Musical Theatreworks," for ages 8 to 16, which emphasizes movement, vocal techniques and acting for the musical stage.

* "Simplistic Scenery," for ages 10 to 16, which offers the basics of set construction. Students will determine what scenery is needed to enhance a theatrical performance as well as how to create the scenery.

Advance registration is required for all classes.

Information: 879-9821.

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