SARAH DREXLERThe volunteer: Sarah, 15, is a sophomore at...


January 15, 1995|By Kevin Harrison


The volunteer: Sarah, 15, is a sophomore at Chesapeake High School in Pasadena. She joined the ranks of Harbor Hospital's junior volunteers in June to satisfy her community service requirement at school. But instead of quitting when she had fulfilled the requirement, she continued at least one day a week.

Her family moved to the county eight years ago, when her father was stationed here in the Coast Guard.

Sarah takes classes at the Center for Applied Technology-North in Severn, where she is training to be a licensed practical nurse. She hopes to join the Riviera Beach Volunteer Fire Department, where her father, Robert, and brother, Josh, are members.

Ann Heil, the volunteer coordinator for Harbor Hospital, said: Sarah's "been so committed."

"She's awesome. She seems to have a lot of support from her family," Ms. Heil said.

Volunteer's comments: "I started [volunteering] in June right after I got out of school. I wanted to do something that I could

learn from.

"In the summertime I was volunteering two or three days a week -- from eight in the morning to four in the afternoon.

"I didn't think volunteers would get a lot of respect, but they do. The hospital treats them just like regular employees.

"I hope one day to work as a paramedic with the fire department or become a nurse. I would love to be a career paramedic. That's my dream."

About the organization: For information about volunteer opportunities at Harbor Hospital, call Ann Heil at 347-3478.

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