If Glazer can beat Angelos, it's time to quit NFL quest

January 14, 1995|By KEN ROSENTHAL

It would be like the Dallas Cowboys losing to Prairie View A&M, the Toronto Blue Jays losing to the Bad News Bears, Michael Jordan losing a game of one-on-one to Danny DeVito.

Peter Angelos losing to Malcolm Glazer.

Naturally, the possibility arose on Friday the 13th. When it comes Baltimore's NFL quest, it's always Friday the 13th. The only thing that changes is the actor playing Jason.

Paul Tagliabue, Jack Kent Cooke, now Steve "Tell Us Another" Story.

Angelos' enemies list just keeps growing.

He can't take this lying down. If it's true Glazer is about to buy the Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- and we'll believe it when he signs the check -- then he has to fight back.

It won't matter -- Angelos thought the ABA stood for American Bar Association, when in truth it stands for Anybody But Angelos -- but how can you concede to this rube?

Angelos losing to Glazer.

Angelos and George Steinbrenner.

You'd think Glazer played for the Blue Jays, or something.

Glazer failed in NFL expansion, failed to buy the New England Patriots, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the San Diego Padres, not to mention the pet iguanas his sons wanted for Christmas.

He has as much charisma as a tin can.

And now he's about to deflate two of the biggest egos in sports.

Ah, maybe Angelos' sons, John and Lou, can challenge Glazer's sons, Bryan and Joel, in a Rotisserie War of the Worlds.

No doubt, Larry Lucchino is loving this. Angelos might be tearing down everything he built with the Orioles, but at least Lucchino was part of a group that outbid Glazer for the Padres.

Who hasn't outbid Glazer?

Even Eli Jacobs would stand a fighting chance.

Remember when Glazer had to be shamed into donating $50,000 to promote the expansion effort? Remember when he condescended to buy instruments for the Baltimore Colts' Band?

Now, look at the havoc he's wreaking:

Cooke is preparing to declare himself Lord Governor of Maryland.

Tagliabue is weeping tears of joy, trusting the NFL will remain safe from Baltimore.

And Jim Speros is laughing out loud, knowing he's still the only game in town.

As if the CFL were an adequate substitute.

As if the city were all revved up for another year of Hamilton and Saskatchewan.

Will this torture never end?

Angelos is a master negotiator, the ultimate aggressor, but like so many before him -- Gov. Schaefer, Boogie Weinglass, even Malcolm Glazer -- he fell into the Baltimore Triangle.

The way Story manipulated him, he should be Johnny Oates' idol. Not that Angelos had any choice. The fix was in, as it's always in, and it wasn't Angelos' fault.

The trustees wanted the Bucs in Tampa, and that's where they'll stay. Where's Glazer going to take them? Closing the deal will so overwhelm him, he'll collapse from exhaustion.

Glazer reportedly is committed to keeping the team in Tampa a minimum of two years. Last night, he pledged the Bucs would remain there "forever."

Or until tomorrow, whichever comes first.

Baltimore is Glazer's leverage for getting a new stadium built, but guess what? Once Cooke finds a home in Maryland, his fun will be over.

Cooke might not land in Laurel, but he'll land somewhere. And when it happens, the Maryland state legislature will deauthorize the bond issue established for the construction of a new football stadium in Baltimore.

That would effectively end our chances of getting an NFL franchise. Frankly, it's time. How many times must the city get slapped? How many times must it be proved that WE'RE NEVER GETTING A TEAM?

The Los Angeles Rams are heading to St. Louis, so now the Los Angeles Raiders will stay put. That makes Arizona's Bill Bidwill the next candidate to move. Of course, he stiffed us once already.

L Then again, don't the Cincinnati Bengals need a new stadium?

The phone will be ringing.

We're here to be used.

The truth is, we couldn't beat Charlotte and Jacksonville, we couldn't beat St. Louis, and now we can't beat Malcolm Glazer. There comes a point when it's time to take a hint.

Someone tell Angelos.

Someone tell the governor.

When you get outbid by Malcolm Glazer, it's time.

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