HAVE you been wondering where the zip in life has gone...


January 13, 1995

HAVE you been wondering where the zip in life has gone? Ponder these thoughts from "Just Say No to 'No'," by Tony Hendra, in the November issue of GQ:

"What did the Fifties, that economic Eden we're all trying to get back to, have that we don't have? People drank at lunch.

"Our economy revolves around lunch. Lunch, for the early-jogging hard charger, is the first meal of the day. Appetites sharpen; greed is at its peak.

"People make deals at lunch because they're hungry.

"But mere deals are not enough. What boosts economies into orbit are insane ideas -- inventing an oven that will cook things in minutes; putting electronic asteroids in space; developing a pill to prevent pregnancy, using money a company hasn't yet earned to buy it now -- the kind of ideas that seem demented if you're drinking fruit juice but make complete sense if the juice has been fermented.

"What made the Fifties economy fizz wasn't good old family values. It was the three-martini lunch.

"Recklessness is at the very heart of capitalism. No one in his right mind would invest in a tenth of the things capitalists invest in. That's why now, when we're all in our right minds, zip is happening. No economy fizzed on fizzy water."

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