Seed catalogs stir thoughts of spring


January 13, 1995|By LOURDES SULLIVAN

We made it through another holiday season! The frantic rush through stores, the manic drives to others' homes, the mind-numbing repetition of the same three carols are naught but a faint memory.

Now I await the imminent arrival of the gardening catalogs. If ever there were (other than second marriages) a triumph of hope over experience, it is garden planning. I garden, offhandedly, half an acre of old orchard and bounteous weeds.

But in the deepest winter, it's not the chest-high weeds that I see, it's the sun-warmed petals of peonies. My illusions and the seed catalogs arrive at the same time my memories fade and my pocketbook recovers from the holidays' depredations.

Curled up in bed, cocoa by my side, I leaf through the glossy pictures of flowers with the same intensity as a fiancee pages through Modern Bride.

Hope, and rosy illusions, spring forever, whether for gardener or bride. Can spring itself be far off?


When last we left the stalwart defenders of the high basket, the Savage Boys and Girls Club basketball season was in full swing. Just before the holiday break, the Hawkeyes defeated the Wolfpack, 14-13. Robert Giles, Lucy Rushing and Lauren Greer led for the Hawkeyes, narrowly winning despite the outstanding efforts of Marc Peters, Jason Moore and Bryn Holmes.

The Spartans beat the Cavaliers (a ludicrous thought for the history-minded), 35-9. Brian Dix scored his first points this season, aided by Stephanie Struthers' extra efforts and Kevin Oxenrider's controlled offense. James Rogers, Robby Exler and Bradley Abt led the scoring for the Cavaliers.

With everyone well-rested and well-gifted after the holiday break, the season resumed with the Terrapins defeating the Wolverines, 29-16. Tyler Annett led for the Terrapins with help from Casey Gallas and Tommy Gregorini. Julia Reynold, Katie Ryan and Daniel Parrish led for the Wolverines.

The Tarheels stomped the Lions, 15-6. Daniel Kreh, John Lewis and Alex Magner led for the Tarheels while Jeremy Breen, Chris Dooley and Theodore Young led for the Lions.

The Spartans also squeaked by the Blue Devils, 30-28. Andrew Zavage, Stephanie Struthers and Brian Dix backed up Kevin Oxenrider's offense for the Spartans. Jordan Kaupa, Brent Stewart and Nick Holst led for the Blue Devils.

In the Junior league, the Badgers trounced the Lions, 64-31. Curtis Gore, Brendan McClellan and Adam Young sored for the Badgers. David Ortiz played well for the Lions, with Rob Huber's rebounding on the line noted by the spectators.

The Gophers beat the Hoosiers, 32-21. P. C. Johnsen, Chris Trigger and Chris Riley led the Gophers. Zack Floyd, Jason Oxenrider and Steven Wall were outstanding for the Hoosiers.

In the Intermediate League, the Lakers defeated the Jazz, 38-30. Ryan Miller, Brent Machado and Karen Brownlie led for the Lakers. Ryan Strohl, Robert Floyd and Drew Lowry led for the Jazz.

The Knicks beat the Bucks, 76-34 largely due to Earl Kelly's 49 points for the Knicks. Shannon Riley provided great defense. For the Bucks, Brian Strauss and Bobby Burgess turned in well-noted performances.


It's that time of year again, when we all resolve to learn something new, become fitter, and be better, nicer people in the coming years.

Well, the Howard County Department of Parks and Recreation makes it easy for us to do. Here's a partial listing of some fun classes running near Savage, Jessup and North Laurel.

* There's a new beginning stained-glass course taught at Hammond High on Friday evenings at 7 p.m. beginning Feb. 3. The six-week class lasts two hours, costs $55 and covers the essentials of stained glass, from glass-cutting to soldering.

* Kathy and Jerry Opela will run country and western line dancing classes at Patuxent Valley Middle School beginning Monday, Jan. 23 at 7 p.m. The six-week class costs $33.

* For those who prefer dancing cheek to cheek, ballroom dancing classes will be offered at Hammmond High on Wednesdays beginning Feb. 1 and at the Forest Ridge School Recreation Center beginning Friday, Feb. 3. The classes begin at 7 p.m., last 1 1/2 hours and cost $53 per pair of dancers.

* For those who prefer their cheeks cold and furry, don't forget that it's only two weeks till Groundhog Day. Come join the naturalists at Savage Park on Feb. 4 from 1 p.m. The naturalist, to be named later, will lead families on a nature walk, tell a story about woodchucks, then distribute cocoa and a snack. The family fee is $8 or $3 per person, whichever is lower.

For these and other programs designed to get the physical, artistic and mental juices flowing after the winter blahs, call (410) 313-2762 for information.

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