Busy editor's wardrobe is exclusively second-hand


January 12, 1995|By Mary Corey | Mary Corey,Sun Staff Writer

When Meg Guroff goes shopping, she has a rule of thumb: No garment she buys may cost more than $5.

And, in fact, a few dresses hanging in the closet of her Belair-Edison home were purchased for as little as 88 cents.

"At the [Disabled American Veterans] Warehouse on North Avenue, a suit is $2.50 to $5," says Ms. Guroff, 32, an editor at Baltimore magazine. "That's my guideline. If I find something and it's $6, I usually say, 'That's outrageous.' "

Q: What's your style?

A: I try to look grown up. I try to wear things that no one else would wear. People are always telling me, "You really have style." But they never say whether they like it or not. If I wear something and nobody says they like it, I usually don't wear it again. I sound like I'm co-dependent or something.

Q: Well, are you clothing co-dependent?

A: I guess I dress to please people. If I were dressing for myself, I'd wear my pajamas every day. To force myself to dress like an adult, I try to make it into a fashion show.

Q: What's typical office attire for you?

A: Last week, Monday was a holiday so I came in wearing jeans and a sweat shirt. Tuesday, I wore black silk palazzo pants with a red cashmere cardigan. Wednesday, I had on a big dirndl skirt RTC printed with antique fire trucks and a black top with embroidered vest. Thursday, I wore a Chinese-style dress with a mandarin collar. Friday, I wore a raspberry-colored evening dress with black tights and boots.

Q: Is there an outfit you edit better in?

Sweats. I have this enormous gray sweat shirt that's all cotton. It's really comfortable.

A: As an editor of a city magazine, you must have the inside track about great, out-of-the-way stores. What are your favorites?

I don't have time to go out of the way. I go to the DAV Warehouse about once a week. That's a great place for cheap clothes. I like the Goodwill in Arbutus. The Goodwill on Belair Road is good for housewares. And The Clothes Closet on Roland Avenue, after they can't sell something, they'll put it in their $1 bin. I check that out.

Q: How did you get started shopping this way?

A: My mom is a scavenger like I am. I wouldn't know how to shop this way without her. When I was little, we'd go to these kinds of stores. I'd hate it, but I learned how to recognize good fabrics and things that are well-made.

Q: What's your absolute best buy?

Some of my favorite clothes I got for 88 cents. One is a dark blue dress with a brown windowpane check. It's like a June Cleaver dress. It's too dark and makes me look like I'm dead, but people like the dress so much they don't notice.

A lot of things also get a story when you shop this way. I have a gold silk dress with jacket that I bought when I was visiting my great-aunt in Santa Barbara. I look at it and think about how fun it was to be out there.

Q: Is there anything you've never worn that you're dying to?

A: I don't think so. I'll wear most anything if I think it looks good -- from leggings to a muumuu.

Q: When did you last wear a muumuu?

A: Last summer around the house. It's red, sleeveless with a Hawaiian fabric.

Q: What won't Meg Guroff wear?

A: Many have asked that before. I don't like to wear things that aren't flattering or modest.

Q: Is there anything you'd like to change about your style?

A: I always hope for more patience with it. I only have black shoes. The reason is, I don't have the patience to figure out what will go with others. It's always a struggle making sure I have earrings on in the morning, but I've made that promise to myself.

Do you know some dressers? Let us know. Write to Mary Corey, The Baltimore Sun, 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 21278.

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