This Is Justice?Reading Lyle Denniston's Dec. 29 story...


January 11, 1995

This Is Justice?

Reading Lyle Denniston's Dec. 29 story, "No immunity for president, but trial delay," I wished I had paid more attention in civics classes.

Up until this point, I had no idea there were footnotes to the Supreme Court dictum, "Justice delayed is justice denied."

Frederic Holland

Millville, Del.

Blue Plastic Waste

I have been piling recyclables in my basement and hauling them to recycling centers for as long as there were places to take them.

Combined with composting most bio-degradable waste, and mulching grass and leaves, this means that we put out one small can of garbage every other week.

You could say that we were pretty dedicated to recycling to keep it up during the long years before we got curbside recycling.

So why am I mad, now that we finally have curbside pickup in Catonsville? Blue plastic bags.

Some moron, or someone with stock in the plastic bag industry, decided that bottles and cans should be tied in blue plastic bags for pickup.

I asked about this at a meeting, where a woman treated us like school kids and carefully told us nothing that wasn't in the pamphlet I'd already read.

She was unable to answer any question that diverged from the details of the instructions therein.

Apparently, the haulers will not take away my bottles and cans if they are not in a blue plastic bag, even if I put them in a blue bin clearly marked "Recycled Bottles & Cans."

This is totally counter to the whole point of recycling. We are supposed to be reducing the amount of solid waste and reducing the need to extract more resources from the planet.

Why is the county creating this artificial need for blue plastic bags?

It's bad enough the grocery cashiers are always trying to use them to line the cloth grocery bags that I bring to avoid needing any disposable bag.

Counties around us with recycling programs accept bottles and cans in bins and dump them into larger bins, and there is no problem if they break.

I'm not asking the government to buy me a plastic bin. I have had them for years.

If someone cannot afford to buy a bin, I guess they should have the option of using bags. At least they would be recycling, which they might not do otherwise.

I just don't want any more plastic bags myself. Plastic bags are only marginally recyclable under the best conditions, and these will not be useful, because they will have been contaminated by food from the bottles and cans.

I will try putting my bottles and cans out in a bin, and if the haulers will not take them, then I guess I'm doomed to continue my regular trips to the Western Acceptance Facility until Baltimore County can finally do recycling right.

Carl Aron


Welcome Neighbors

The Sun recently quoted Rep. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., who said that all of us resent having poor people move into our neighborhoods.

I am going to broaden Representative Ehrlich's experience. I am his constituent and I welcome new neighbors who have not enjoyed the opportunities I have been dealt, but who nonetheless strive to pull themselves and their children out of poverty.

I strongly suggest to Representative Ehrlich that his public statements accommodate the likely existence of diverse views within his constituency. Otherwise, he may be perceived as not only inexperienced, but closed-minded and arrogant.

Robert Bloksberg-Fireovid


Confusing Names

There seems to be continuing confusion concerning the sale of bulletproof vests in this area and just who is selling them.

Robert Abrams of Second Chance Security is not Robert Lee Abrams, manager of Valley Gun and Valley Police Supply. They are two separate and distinct people.

Our company has been receiving a considerable number of phone calls confusing these two men. Likewise, Second Chance Security is not a part of our business. We would like to clarify this situation so that no confusion will exist.

Valley Gun & Valley Police Supply sells bulletproof vests only to sworn law enforcement officers, security guards and local business owners who can demonstrate a need for the purchase.

We do not sell vests by mail order, nor do we sell them to the general public. They are fitted to the purchaser in our store, much the same way as a suit of clothes.

We are extremely careful regarding the sale of vests and all other police-related equipment.

We would not allow anyone to purchase police equipment for illegal use, as we are a responsible member of the business community.

Melvin J. Abrams


The writer is president, Valley Gun & Valley Police Supply.

There are Two Sides to International Adoption

Without denying the great joy of adopting any child in need of a family, I would note there are two sides to the inter-country adoption coin: the side of the countries with available children (the "suppliers") and the West's.

For the most part, the West views the adoption of foreign-born children as charitable, humane, perhaps even noble.

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