I'm all alone

January 10, 1995|By Bill Tamburrino

The gleam of rays from sun that sets,

Illumes her hair, a golden sheen.

A tint from chestnuts that begets

The brown for eyes, both bright and keen.

Her full, soft lips, a crimson red,

A color taken, season right,

From a rose when beautiful, now dead.

Behold her face -- a rare delight!

But now she's gone,

I'm all alone.

A beauty great of face and soul;

An open heart, with eagerness

To help, to satisfy, her goal.

Affectionate, with tenderness,

A lass so kind, so fond of fun.

So spirited, so filled with love

For all -- and only twenty-one!

But God, I'm told wants her above.

So now she's gone,

I'm all alone.

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