Challenge of the election results is not...


January 10, 1995

ELLEN SAUERBREY'S challenge of the election results is not getting universal praise from her supporters, as evident in this recent editorial from The Hagerstown Daily Mail:

"Parris Glendening, who's already planned inaugural festivities and a parade to mark his swearing-in as Maryland's governor, had better not rent that tuxedo yet. Republican foe Ellen Sauerbrey is filing suit to challenge the results of the election, which it (so far) appears that Glendening won by less than 6,000 votes.

"The key to the suit is her allegation that people who died before election day nevertheless voted, that the address on some voter-registration cards were vacant lots or abandoned houses and that some 800 people on supervised parole cast ballots.

"Sauerbrey said her people have found 200 suspicious cases of 'graveyard voting' in Baltimore, and have verified that in 50 cases, votes were cast in the names of people who had already died.

"If a judge gives Sauerbrey the benefit of the doubt in every challenge raised by her forces, her totals would change by no more than 1,500.

"That's not enough to overturn the election, but she holds out hope that a judge might determine that given what's been uncovered, it's impossible to tell who won. In that case, she said a judge might rule that 'a new election would be best.'

"We disagree. With the 1995 General Assembly set to open this month, Maryland needs a governor to work with lawmakers to put the state's finances in order. We endorsed Sauerbrey, but unless her camp can show the judge clear evidence of widespread fraud, it's time to certify Glendening as the winner and get on with the state's business."

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