Brooklyn Park man robbed of $385 at ATM

January 10, 1995

A Brooklyn Park man was robbed at an automated teller machine in a bank lobby Saturday night by a man he allowed into the lobby after the suspect knocked on the locked door, county police said yesterday.

John Joseph Rezai, 25, of the 100 block of Wallace Ave. told police that he gave the robber $385 and his ATM card.

Mr. Rezai was using the machine at the First National Bank branch in the 5700 block of Ritchie Highway about 10:30 p.m. when the man knocked on the locked lobby door, police said.

Mr. Rezai let the man in and turned his back to complete his transaction. The man put what felt like a gun to Mr. Rezai's back, took the $40 he already had withdrawn then asked him to withdraw more.

When Mr. Rezai withdrew an extra $40, the man told him it wasn't enough. Mr. Rezai then withdrew $300, which the man took along with the victim's ATM card and $5 from his wallet, police said.

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