FOR those who like "Top 10" lists, here is the Associated...


January 09, 1995

FOR those who like "Top 10" lists, here is the Associated Press ranking of the best news stories in Maryland during 1994:

No. 10 -- "London Fog. In a cost-cutting move, London Fog Industries, the famed maker of rainwear, closed its last American plants, all in Maryland, and laid off about 1,000 workers. But . . . London Fog officials agreed to invest $2 million to upgrade the Baltimore plant and plan to reopen the facility in January."

No. 9 -- "Cheating Scandal. The worst cheating scandal in the history of the U.S. Naval Academy prompted numerous investigations and calls for rethinking the academy's honor code."

No. 8 -- "Lobbyist Convicted. Bruce Bereano, Maryland's $1 million-a-year legislative lobbyist, was convicted in late November on federal mail fraud charges for overbilling clients and using the money for illegal campaign contributions."

No. 7 -- "Infidelity Slaying. A Baltimore County judge's lenient sentence of a man who killed his wife after catching her in bed with another man provoked a national outcry."

No. 6 -- "Assault Gun Ban. After three years of failure, the Schaefer administration finally won passage of a law banning semiautomatic assault pistols and magazines containing more than 20 rounds."

No. 5 -- "The elevation to cardinal of former Baltimore Archbishop William Keeler, who as president of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops is currently the church's chief spokesman in the United States."

No. 4 -- "Gov. William Donald Schaefer's proposed ban on smoking in the workplace."

No. 3 -- "Maryland's first execution in 33 years. John Thanos, who killed three teen-agers in a weeklong rampage in 1990, didn't fight his death sentence."

No. 2 -- "The seemingly endless series of ice storms in February and March. For days at a time, Maryland all but shut down, and schools had to get creative, stretching the school day in the spring, to make up for lost time in the classroom."

And the No. 1 news story in Maryland for 1994 (drum roll, please) -- "The tightest governor's race in 75 years. . . Democrat Parris Glendening's paper-thin victory. . ."

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