100 Years Ago* A new post office to be called "Drury" will...


January 08, 1995|By Robert M. Pennington of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

100 Years Ago

* A new post office to be called "Drury" will shortly be in operation at James O. Drury's store, near Hill's Landing, Anne Arundel County. There will be nine post offices within six miles taking Bristol as the center: Marlboro, Leon, Drury, Dunkirk, Pindell, Darnall, McKendree, Greenock and Lothian. -- The Sun, Feb. 2, 1895.

* Wilbur F. Petherbridge compiled a complete index of wills and other papers covering a period of more than a century when he was register of wills. The Anne Arundel county commissioners ZTC are considering the purchase of the index. -- The Sun, Feb. 2, 1895.

* The severe winter has been especially trying on oystermen, who have not been able to work much, owing to bad weather. Those not fortunate enough to secure credit have had a hard time of it. -- The Sun, Feb. 8, 1895.

* Fifty vessels are ice-locked in Annapolis awaiting a thaw. Four dredgers walked nearly 50 miles through ice and deep snow-drifts from the mouth of the Patuxent River to Annapolis. They were provided with food at the Annapolis soup house. -- The Sun, Feb. 15, 1895.

* Dr. Abram Claude, just appointed postmaster of Annapolis, was a presidential elector at Mr. Cleveland's last election. Dr. Claude is a graduate of St. John's College and Maryland University. An Army surgeon in the Civil War, he has served as mayor of Annapolis. -- The Sun, Feb. 16, 1895.

* The iceboat Annapolis, which arrived this morning, broke a track up the Severn River and crushed the ice in the harbor. -- The Sun, Feb. 18, 1895.

* The directors of the Annapolis, Brighton Beach and Bay Bridge Railroad will shortly award the contract for building the new road. The Sun, Feb. 25, 1895.

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