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January 08, 1995

Party Choice: a Matter of Philosophy

In Kevin Thomas' Dec. 18 column, he ponders the political question of whether blacks should take on a more conservative profile and consort with Republicans. He seems to indicate that if the Republicans offer enough inducements or Democrats retract theirs, then this might happen.

I doubt that Mr. Thomas has ever wondered why there are any Republicans in Maryland at all. Certainly over the years they TTC have not benefited from conservative political thinking. Even GOP lawmakers such as former Maryland Sen. Charles McC. Mathias Jr. and Rep. Constance A.Morella of Montgomery County have generally brayed more than they trumpeted. So why are Republicans still Republicans? It's philosophy.

I believe that a person's politics should represent his or her approach to how the country is run. It is not up to politicians to come around begging for support offering come-ons. They should be portraying the philosophy toward governing which they espouse. Than, it is up to voters to decide which party or individual best supports their thinking. And voters' ballots should reflect their opinion on what's good for the country, not themselves.

Of course, there is always the one-issue citizen, who, for various reasons can only think about a single topic. These are individuals who vote only based on their parochial ideas on such topics as abortion, the environment, gun control, etc. They have found blinders are a necessity for voting.

This is one reason that Democrats flip-flop frequently in their support of party candidates. Their overall approach is fragmented, made up too much of special-interest groups all vying for their own limited perks. There is no big picture, only more government support for individual programs. And, of course, any reduction or discontinuance of these "necessary" fundings is anathema.

If blacks feel that having political clout in the Democratic party is more important than straying to the conservative side, then they should stay Democrats. If they align themselves more with Republicans, then they should switch.

The question should not be, "what are we getting now by staying in the Democratic Party?" The important thing is that all voters retain a sense of overall continuity and rationale. Our system is based on an enlightened citizenry. We cannot afford to continue to have low voter turnouts or an ill-informed populace.

R. D. Bush


McLendon's Ax

On Jan. 3, the recently elected state's attorney for Howard County, Marna McLendon, officially took office. Her first official act as state's attorney occurred Dec. 23, 1994. Ms. McLendon terminated the employment of a number of assistant state's attorneys who had served Howard County at the Circuit Court division.

Were these employees terminated because of job performance, budget cuts or to make room for others who were promised positions during Ms. McLendon's campaign? There is little hope of obtaining an answer to this question since Ms. McLendon declined to provide even the terminated employees with an explanation.

Another pertinent inquiry is why did Ms. McLendon feel compelled to terminate these employees the day before the Christmas weekend? Would it have made any difference to wait until after Christmas, especially since her own term did not officially begin until after the first of the year? Perhaps it was necessary that she fire these people but did she have to take their Christmas as well? The way Ms. McLendon has handled this situation can be described as unprofessional, insensitive and callous. Are these the characteristics the people of Howard County truly desire in an elected official?

Colleen Fallon


Clinton's Values

More and more, talk show hosts and columnists speak of President Clinton's lack of "core values." I don't agree, particularly after I compare his values to those of former President Ronald Reagan.

Mr. Clinton's values encompass a concern for all Americans, including gay and lesbian soldiers, the great majority of whom are loyal and productive. Mr. Reagan, in contrast, avoided meeting black leaders and visited Bitburg cemetery, delighting neo-Nazis. Mr. Clinton values reducing the deficit. Mr. Reagan, opposed to "tax-and-spend liberals," provided in their place "borrow-and-spend conservatives."

Mr. Reagan spoke of family values, but began a process now coming to fruition with the new Congress of shredding the safety net. Mr. Clinton understands that family values include job training and health insurance for those who do not have it.

Mr. Reagan promised us he would not deal with terrorists, but then used the right-wing darling, Oliver North, to do just that.

Mr. Reagan spoke of his concern for the military only to put them in harm's way in Lebanon for reasons never completely thought through. Mr. Clinton has managed to resolve foreign crisis without the unnecessary loss of American troops.

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