Shades of orange are new in design


January 08, 1995|By Elizabeth Large

House Beautiful reported it in its January issue: "Seen in the new fabric collections, the color orange, in shades from tangerine to terra cotta." The home furnishings newsletter the Trend Curve, agrees: "Oranges like Clay and Cinnamon are growing (watch for more Oranges overall). Newest is Pumpkin, emerging at upper prices."

Most of us could live with the neutral palette, and even work trendy, eco-friendly greens into our home decor, but orange? How many of us are ready for a pumpkin-colored sofa? Don't worry, many of these oranges are subtle and elegant -- and won't make your living room look as if you just decorated for Halloween.


With a name like "Outwitting the Neighbors" (Fireside Books, $11), it's hard to imagine that this engaging little book won't do very well. All of us have had a troublesome neighbor at one time or another.

Bill Adler Jr.'s book has plenty of practical advice and coping strategies, but it's also an entertaining read. The examples -- and there are lots of them -- are real. A Baltimore man, for instance, posted signs with pictures of a neighbor's dog saying, "WARNING. This dog has been seen unleashed, wandering the neighborhood, pooping on people's yards. If you see this dog, please call Animal Control. Dog feces spread disease and are especially dangerous to children." The embarrassed neighbor kept her dog penned after that.

Cyclamen care

More on the care and feeding of cyclamens: A reader, D. Loeven Bruijn, offers this unusual advice, which she got from a Dutch nurseryman. She has two cyclamens, she says, that are blooming abundantly -- one for the second and one for the fifth year. They sit in a window with about four hours of sun in the winter. When the soil is dry to the touch, she soaks them in hot tap water, without letting the water spill over the rim. After 15 minutes she drains them in the sink, mists them and puts them back in the window with a 90 degree turn. "I never saw this treatment given in any book," she says, "But it works splendidly."

Natural things

Le Temps Qu'il Fait ("The Changing Times") is a new business located in Annapolis that designs and manufactures nature-themed items for the home. The line includes charming ++ teddy bears and rabbits, cushion covers, place mats and other textile accessories. They come in rustic weaves and three different color variations: natural, golden and brown. Prices are reasonable (a leaf-tea cozy is $15; a pine-tree place mat, $14). Call (410) 849-8727 for a copy of the company's mail-order catalog.

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