Tower Records puts clothes in its stores

January 05, 1995|By New York Times News Service

There is a certain fashion customer who responds only to sarcasm. And that customer -- hip, disillusioned and teen-age -- happens to be the target for Tower Clothing.

Posters recently began appearing around New York of groups of youths posed like a Seattle band. One carries the slogan: "For years we've been noticing how you've come into our stores. Now we're doing something about it."

Tower attire was the idea of Shaheen Sadeghi, a former executive at Quicksilver and Gotcha Sportswear. Mr. Sadeghi organized the "anti-mall," a cluster of stores in Costa Mesa, Calif., that is designed for arty youth. Tower Records has a store there and Mr. Sadeghi began thinking there might be a way to put clothes in Tower, as well.

He met with Russ Solomon, the president of Tower, and "we decided to do this clothing line that would be music driven," Mr. Sadeghi said.

"Our mission was to come up with a product with real integrity, not just dumb rock T-shirts," he continued. Dumb rock T-shirts are also available at Tower Records.

Tower Clothing now hangs alongside the CDs at 55 Tower Records stores in six countries and will be available in February at some Nordstrom stores.

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