Esquire magazine's annual Dubious Achievement Awards are...


January 04, 1995

Esquire magazine's annual Dubious Achievement Awards are featured in the January 1995 issue.

Here are some of the award "winners" for 1994 and the reasons they earned the "honor":

* California's Gov. Pete Wilson. Nine bills that Mr. Wilson had intended to veto were left on a copy machine outside his office and became law.

* California Senate candidate Michael Huffington. After hugging a staff member who objected to his embrace, Mr. Huffington said, "I like to hug people. I'm a hugger. But I don't hug everybody. I just hug people who I think want to be hugged."

* Montana's Lt. Gov. Dennis Rehberg, who remarked, "The problem with AIDS is, you got it, you die. Why are we spending money on this issue?"

* Sen. Bob Dole. Claiming he wouldn't be too old to run for president in 1996, he said, "Every time I look at Strom Thurmond, I'm inspired ... When I see him eat a banana, I eat a banana."

* An Emergency Medical Service crew in New York. Crew members rushed an abandoned bag of spaghetti to the hospital after they mistook it for a fetus.

* An unnamed 37-year-old man in Ukraine. He seized a German Shepherd that had jumped him in a park and bit it to death in front of its owner.

* Last but not least, President Clinton. Describing the El Camino pickup truck he had as a young man, the president said, "It was a real sort of Southern deal. It had AstroTurf in the back. You don't want to know why."

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