Video turns kids on to cooking

January 04, 1995|By Chicago Tribune

Face it -- if most adults you know don't cook, chances are their children won't learn the skill. Many cooking professionals have begun addressing the issue by writing cookbooks for children.

Now Robin Merritt, a California home economist and cooking teacher, has produced a cooking video just for children. She teaches children basic cooking skills, kitchen safety and, most important, she says, an appreciation of good food.

The 90-minute video, "Hey Kids! What's Cooking," puts Ms. Merritt, 35, in the kitchen with five children of various ages. Hot Pot, a hand puppet with a pot on his head, learns along with the rest of the crowd.

Kids will learn recipes such as teddy bear's oatmeal, bubbled eggs and sausage, Saturday night pizza and chocolate-covered fruit kebabs.

To order the video and recipe booklet ($19.95), call (800) 414-9191.

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