Sykesville woman makes best Dow Jones guess


January 03, 1995|By JULIUS WESTHEIMER

On Friday, when the Dow Jones industrial average closed out 1994 at 3,834.44, Doris Wade of Sykesville became the winner of our 1994 Dow Jones forecasting contest with her prediction, made early last January, of 3,838.

Reached at her home, Mrs. Wade, a retired Social Security employee, said, "I was watching 'Wall Street Week' last January, when Elaine Garzarelli, the high-profile portfolio manager who predicted the 1987 stock crash, said she thought 1994 would end around Dow Jones 3,838 -- so I picked it." Mrs. Wade and her husband will be our dinner guests at her favorite restaurant, the Crab Shanty in Ellicott City later this month.

Faith Fishkind of Baltimore is the runner-up with her forecast of 3,830. She will enjoy lunch for two at her favorite eatery.

These 10 next-closest contestants, listed in order, will soon receive new, hardback books (valued at about $25 each) about money and finance: Mary Jane Meisel, Beth Brenner, Yvonne Perrett, Pam Joliffe, George Miller, Degna Cespedes, Nancy Paris, Raymond Howard, Jean Gerby and Leonard Fox. About 1,000 crystal ball gazers entered our contest. Stay tuned for next week's announcement of our 1995 game.

In our so-called "expert" category -- bankers, brokers, media stars, etc. -- the closest forecaster was NationsBank Baltimore's investment chief Myron Oppenheimer at Dow Jones 3,842. Next, in order, were Dorrit Westheimer (Mrs. Ticker), the Pulaski Highway fortune teller (not the one who was murdered), Comptroller Louis Goldstein, investment adviser Robert G. Wood, Alex Brown's Rich Palmer, Mr. Ticker (Old saying: "Even a blind hog finds an acorn occasionally") and mutual fund manager Frank Cappiello. (1995 "expert" predictions coming next week.

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