Won't be the same after 'The Far Side'

January 02, 1995

Today is the first day without the twisted humor and the alien beings that once defined "The Far Side." Cartoonist Gary Larson announced in October that he was discontinuing the comic he had drawn for more than 15 years.

Now the day is here -- and the quirky cartoon isn't.

In its place -- but not replacing it -- will be two comics that some readers may already be familiar with.

Bil Keane's "The Family Circus" depicts the humor and chaos of a houseful of youngsters. It has been a staple of The Evening Sun and now will appear in the morning Sun as well.

And, for Evening Sun readers, "Ziggy" by Tom Wilson will join the comics pages lineup. The lumpy character with the rye observations has been a long-standing feature in the morning Sun.

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