Three Of A Kind

January 02, 1995|By David Zurawik

In case you aren't confused enough on this first day of the big affiliate switch, CBS has more surprises in store for viewers this week.

Starting tonight, the network that bet the farm on baby boomers -- and lost -- is launching an overhaul of its prime-time schedule. Three new weekly series -- all sitcoms -- premiere this week, starting with Cybill Shepherd's "Cybill" tonight. Wednesday, it's

Delta Burke in "Women of the House" and Robert Pastorelli in "Double Rush."

Launching this many big-name series so early in the new year is unprecedented and suggests how much ratings trouble CBS is in with its aging audience.

CBS has already canceled new series such as "Touched by an Angel" and is moving several other struggling shows to new nights this week in hopes of saving them.

The biggest CBS ratings bomb so far, "Chicago Hope," will now be seen at 10 on Monday nights (beginning tonight) in an effort to keep it from being consumed by the Nielsen heat of NBC's "E.R." on Thursdays.

"The Boys Are Back" moves to Saturdays at 9, but even the lead-in of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman," might not be enough to keep this one alive.

"Hearts Afire" and "Love and War" move to Wednesdays where both should die a quiet and long-overdue death by the end of the year.

4 Here are previews of the best new hopes for CBS.


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