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Evidence links pastor to drugs

December 28, 1994|By Joe Nawrozki | Joe Nawrozki,Sun Staff Writer Sun staff writer Suzanne Loudermilk contributed to this article.

"The reason we were not really concerned is that it was a minor possession case and the guy moved out of town."

Allegations of cocaine use or dealing by Mr. Booth have been strongly denied by members of his Middle River church. They characterized him as a man willing to help drug addicts with food and a place to stay.

One such member, Erlina Taylor of Edgewood, said yesterday she knew Mr. Booth when he was a child. And it was clear what his calling would be.

"Even as a young boy, he'd be out there in this little shed preaching to the other children," Mrs. Taylor said. "I've known him 50 years and he definitely was not a drug person. He helped those addicts. He fed them. He let them stay at his trailer. He gave the church everything he had," she said.

"I wish they'd cut this garbage out, what they are saying about my son," Marion Green, Mr. Booth's mother, said last night from her Harford County home.

Mrs. Green said her son was divorced 13 years ago and had remained single.

"He was so tied up with the church, but people were in and out of his trailer all the time," she said.

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