November 30, 1994|By George Neff Lucas

For the top 10 percent it's a steal

But how will the rest of us feel

When the budget is bashed

And the government trashed

As Congress enacts the Newt Deal?

* * *

Sure, up is how voters were fed

But fed-upness went to their head;

They replaced expertise

With untried trainees

To see what might happen instead.

* * *

The moment the vote rout was known,

His no-cattle all-hat was thrown

Into ring '96

At least Phil should fix

The sound of that old Grammophone.

* * *

Rush Limbaugh, no change of vocation,

Might head U.S. Misinformation;

He'd then tell the world

How invective he hurled

Saved the soul of a misguided nation.

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