Baltimore CityLARCENY: Central District -- A disabled...


November 30, 1994|By Reported by Michael James and Brad Snyder.

Baltimore City

LARCENY: Central District -- A disabled 33-year-old man who asked a woman to watch his apartment in the first block of E. Biddle St. returned shortly after midnight yesterday to find her gone, and his coin collection missing. The value of the coins was not known.

BURGLARY: Southern District -- Two blue and white down coats valued at $200 were reported stolen Monday from a home in the 300 block of S. Payson St., by an intruder who apparently entered through the front door.

PURSE SNATCHING: Southern District -- A white, strapped purse containing $300 and a Chevy Chase Bank credit card was stolen from a 30-year-old woman about 10:30 a.m. Monday in the 2100 block of W. Patapsco Ave. by a thief wearing a Miami Dolphins Starter jacket.

LARCENY FROM AUTO: Western District -- Two hip-length leather jackets and a black dress were reported stolen Monday morning from a car parked overnight in the 1600 block of N. Payson St. The thief broke the right rear quarter-panel window of the 1994 Toyota Tercel.

SHOPLIFTING/ARREST: Central District -- A plainclothes security officer recovered nearly $29 worth of meat from the jacket and pants of a man he took into custody at the Super Fresh supermarket in the 200 block of McMechen St. yesterday morning.

SHOPLIFTING: Northern District -- The manager of the Union Memorial Hospital gift shop told police that two men each picked up a car security lock worth $30, put it in his pocket and fled. The thefts occurred about 12:30 p.m. yesterday.

SHOPLIFTING/ARREST: Northeastern District -- A juvenile was arrested at a bus stop in the 6700 block of Harford Road yesterday afternoon and charged with stealing two packs of cigarettes from the nearby Northway Liquors.

LARCENY: Northeastern District -- A 26-year-old man reported the theft of 300 checks, a wallet and telephone pager that had been left on a kitchen table during a Thanksgiving party at his home in the 6000 block of Amberwood Road. He noticed the items were missing yesterday and called the police.

Baltimore County

ARMED ROBBERY: Parkville Precinct -- A knife-wielding man took three cartons of cigarettes worth $52.77 from the Giant supermarket in the 900 block of E. Joppa Rd. about 3:45 p.m. yesterday.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: North Point Precinct -- Two floodlights valued at $896 were kicked over in front of an office in the first block of Kinship Road about 12:45 p.m. yesterday.

Police Blotter is a representative, not comprehensive, list of crimes in Baltimore City and Baltimore County, reported by Michael James and Brad Snyder.

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