25 Years Ago* The State Roads Commission has given...


November 27, 1994|By Compiled from the files of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

25 Years Ago

* The State Roads Commission has given Westminster the green light on a plan to make Main Street one-way east and Winter's Alley one-way west. At the same time, the Westminster city fathers indicated that implementation of the plan will first require a written go-ahead from the Westminster Retail Merchants Association.

Last week, the Westminster City Council, acting at the recommendation of two Retail Merchants Association representatives, reluctantly approved the traffic recirculation plan. -- Democratic Advocate, Nov. 24, 1969.

100 Years Ago

* Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Whiting, Mrs. Owen Norris, Mrs. S. M. Shoemaker, Mrs. John McHenry, Miss M. Painter, Miss Poe, Miss Nicholas, Miss Whitridge, Messrs. C. Lyon Rogers, Jr., Kennedy G. Rogers, R. C. Stewart, P. Stewart, Frank Baldwin, Snowden Marshall, Wm. Lee, Arthur Brogden, John McHenry and Dr. P. E. Wyse, of the Green Spring Valley Fox Hunting Club, arrived in this city, in drags, on Friday evening of last week, and registered at the City Hotel. They had about a dozen horses sent up also, and the next morning, led by Mr. John H. Stonesifer, of this city, and accompanied by a number of Westminster people in carriages, started out with the hounds for a fox hunt.

A fox was started near "Rockland," the stock farm of Judge Roberts, but soon baffled his pursuers. Two other foxes were put up by the hounds and pursued by those who remained but one of them eluded his pursuers and the other was run to earth.

Digging him out was suggested, but finally given up, and the chase ended without a trophy for the hunters. -- American Sentinel, Nov. 24, 1894.

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