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November 27, 1994

Boathouses on the Severn

Carol Friend's letter, "Atrocity on the Severn River," was published Nov. 13 in The Sun for Anne Arundel County. I am the resident referred to in Ms. Friend's misleading and factually wrong letter.

The pier is being constructed in the Severn River, not Rays Pond. Neither the original pier design nor the revised design is blocking any "channel." Bathymetric data show that the average depth of water from the hundred feet channelward from the bulkhead to three hundred feet channelward from the bulkhead averages three feet, two inches; the actual depths are between three feet and three feet, four inches over this river course.

On Oct. 16, I met with Ms. Friend, several other neighbors and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. At that meeting, I told them I had not applied for or contemplated a permit to dredge. Interestingly, Ms. Friend and several others expressed an interest in a dredging project to ensure their access to deeper water.

The impetus for this attack on the pier is driven in large part by the fact that this project includes boathouses. These legally authorized and permitted boathouses will have no impact on Rays Pond or access to Rays Pond. DNR has confirmed that the pier and boathouses will have no impact on subaquatic vegetation.

The size and scale of this project is consistent with what has been constructed on the river. There are no adverse effects of this project except the ones I have incurred by trying to accommodate various interests in an efficient, timely and forthright manner.

Richard G. Kline


Vote Tainted by Fraud

What happened in Maryland on Nov. 8 should never be forgotten. In a liberal state with a 2-to-1 ratio of Democrats to Republicans, an under-funded, dark-horse conservative obtained 50 percent of the vote in the closet Maryland gubernatorial race in over 70 years.

That in itself is astonishing. However, the real story is the tremendous spotlight now cast on the Democratic machine in Maryland.

There have been countless reports of Election Day illegalities and improprieties, from missing ballots and suspicious eleventh-hour results to voter intimidation, ballot tampering and other illicit acts.

With the state attorney general's office declining to investigate, partisan judges unwilling to cooperate and the local liberal media downplaying the election fiasco, this story will probably be swept under the Democratic rug. Let no one be fooled by these puppets of the oligarchic machine: This election is tainted by fraud and inexcusable wrongdoing. . . .

For too many decades, the clandestine machine has hummed along, untouchable and impenetrable in the "Free State." On Nov. 8 it was uncovered, rearing its ugly head and exposing its Mafia-like power.

I challenge state officials and the media to rise to the occasion, revive the lost term "professional ethics" and conduct a full investigation.

Our forefathers didn't give their lives for this quasi democracy created by the one-party regime in Maryland.

Citizens deserve the truth. In a one-party state there are no checks and balances, and the ruling party answers to no one.

Maryland will never be a true democracy until we are a two-party state. And we will never be a two-party state until the Democratic machine is unplugged and dismantled.

Keith B. White


The Worst in TV Sports

There isn't much chance of football telecasts reaching high quality as long as sports writers betray the public, to promote the fallacy that broadcasters deserve praise, to be defended from criticism.

Would the public want first-class TV football? Certainly, but how is the public to learn what top quality is as long as sports writers such as The Sun's Milton Kent "polishes the apple," praising TV broadcasters who have no incentive to provide the public with first-class, audience pleasing entertainment. . . .

Just what is there for Kent to praise? Cameras swinging wildly the way amateurs do, to blur images, losing action? Or, constant interruptions, cutting action short, wiping out enormous amounts game action, just to get camera switcher technicians' favorite heads on TV screens? . . . And what is there about the backs of heads and helmets that gets Kent to glow with delight? . . .

It's bad enough that the public gets the worst programming in all of TV, but what the witless boobs of ABC, FOX and NBC do to those wonderful team cheerleaders is inexcusable. . . . Blocking their faces out with TV commercials and graphics clearly shows the vindictive nature of the "cream of TV." . . .

C. W. Edwards


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