In Seychelles, rain varies more than temperature


November 27, 1994|By New York Times News Service

Q: I plan to visit the Seychelles in 1995. What is the best month to visit there in terms of weather?

A: Temperatures in the Seychelles, a group of more than 90 small islands in the Indian Ocean, remain remarkably constant throughout the year. Average highs in Victoria, the capital, range only from 81 degrees in July and August to 86 in April, with a gentle progression between those numbers the rest of the year. Lows average from 75 to 77.

The great variant is in rainfall.

Rainfall everywhere in the islands is moderate to heavy, with the wettest months November to March. Average precipitation in January, for instance, is 15.2 inches; in December it is 13.4.

By April it has slackened off to 7.2 inches and it declines steadily until August, when it bottoms out at 2.7 inches. This alone, therefore, would probably make it the month to aim for (average high temperatures then are 81, lows at 75).

Through the year humidity is high, with the nights muggy and somewhat oppressive to the visitor who has not yet acclimatized.

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