Creature Comforts

November 27, 1994|By Mary Corey

Here are some gift ideas for the dog or cat love of your life.

1. Barking for bagels. These may look like miniature bagels, but Dog 'N' Dunkers are actually freeze-dried beef, chicken and lamb snacks for your dog. They're made without preservatives and look so edible that the manufacturer stamps the side of the box with a bright orange message: Not for Human Consumption. $3.99 at Animal Authority.

2. How does your catnip garden grow? A self-contained window garden for growing catnip can be a fun treat for both owner and pet. Your cat may have to wait some weeks for this treat, but it'll be worth it. $14 at Over the Garden Gate.

3. Groovy collars. Inspired by Grateful Dead concerts, these multicolored leashes and collars are a hit among retro fans. Priced from $11.50 at Animal Authority.

4. From peppermint to rawhide. Candy canes aren't the best treat for your dog, but a rawhide version of the holiday sweet is likely to suit his palate. $2.99 at Petstuff.

5. The vintage look. Using antique fabrics, Key West artist Sherri Vilov has created holiday stockings made with bright appliques of a pet's favorite things. Her own feline, Ashley, inspired her designs. $40 at Nightgoods.

6. An apple for the dog. These fruits and vegetables may look like perfect sculptures, but pets will know better. The bananas, asparagus, apples and squash are 100 percent rawhide. From $4.95 at Animal Authority.

7. At the sound of the bell . . . We're not recommending you strap these Bungee Bells on your cat. Instead hold the handle and watch your cat imitate a Rock 'em Sock 'em Robot as it chases the bell attached to these neon-colored cords. $5 at Shear Grace.

8. Dog bites mailman. Tucked inside these inconspicuous brown sacks are Bark Bars, dog treats shaped like Fido's favorite friends: mail carriers and cats. Available in garlic or peanut butter. $2.99 at Pet-Agree.

9. Furry friends. They're small, soft and noisy. No, we're not talking about your pet, but stuffed animal squeak-toys shaped like hedgehogs, dinosaurs and cats. From $7.95 at Shear Grace.

10. Dinner is served. Dinner always tastes better when it's served on good china. For your four-legged friends, the equivalent would be sturdy glazed ceramic bowls in turquoise and purple patterns. $41.50 at Nouveau Contemporary Goods.

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