Dining disagreementsEditor: Regarding a recent review by...


November 27, 1994

Dining disagreements

Editor: Regarding a recent review by Elizabeth Large of Antrim 1844 [Sept. 11], her unfocused comments reveal a failure to grasp the concept of what is a truly unique and charming establishment. As a former and future patron of Antrim, I have found its various quirks are what define it, not detract from it.

Further, Ms. Large superseded her role of objective reviewer by opining about what she wished the menu to be, rather than what it is. Antrim is not a faddish, two course, eat-it-and-beat-it operation, but rather a destination to be enjoyed for a relaxing evening.

And though I am by no means a man of means, I have never felt the cost of dining at Antrim to be prohibitive, and in fact, challenge anyone to dine on five courses at any top restaurant for less than Antrim's prix-fixe rate.

Should Ms. Large revisit Antrim, she would be well-advised to relax a little, open her eyes and mind, and leave her preconceived notions and biases at the office.

J. Mark Scannell


Editor: This letter is written in response to the article by your food critic, Ms. Elizabeth Large, in the Dining Out section of Sun Magazine, Sept. 11, "In the Heat of Summer, a Fine Winter Meal".

Prior to deciding on Antrim 1844 as the site for our daughter's wedding, we made reservations for four in the Antrim's Smokehouse Restaurant. After an immensely pleasurable, absolutely delicious dining experience, we selected the Antrim for our special affair, which was held in early October.

We must take exception to the two-and-one-half star rating given to the restaurant by Ms. Large. The review notes, "The five-course dinner to follow would include more than enough food. It was beautifully prepared. . . .

The "only two problems" of her outdoor porch dining experience, says Ms. Large, were the heat and the flies. But then she goes on to object to too much food, a lack of air conditioning, and a flagging appetite on a particularly hot August day -- all strong reasons, we would contend, for her returning and being able to more objectively enjoy the delights of the surroundings and the food. . . .

Our dinner at the Smokehouse Restaurant and our wedding party on the Antrim grounds were experiences that exceeded our expectations. . . . It is our hope that the Sun Magazine's reviewer give the Antrim's Smokehouse Restaurant another well-deserved opportunity to become known in our area.

Barbara and David Lader


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