Ruth Nemec, 78, who created the radio show "Talk and...


November 26, 1994

Ruth Nemec, 78, who created the radio show "Talk and Music" and wrote the World War II song "Little Navy Girl," died Wednesday in Palm Beach, Fla. "Talk and Music" aired on more than 850 stations across the country.

Dr. Willem Jacob Luyten, 95, an astronomer whose work expanded the understanding of stellar motion, dying white dwarfs and the origin of the solar system, died Monday of heart failure at his home in Minneapolis. Dr. Luyten, a native of the Netherlands, spent much of his career at the University of Minnesota. He started in 1930 as an assistant professor and was professor of astronomy and department chairman for many years before reaching emeritus status in 1967. He was noted for his work with the photographic-plate scanner and a computerized version of the device that he developed in the 1960s. The computerized version, which was a laser scanner and measuring device, tracked stars on plates taken several years apart with the same telescope. It automated what had been a highly cumbersome process of studying star motions.

Maynard L. Pennell, 84, who helped design Boeing's 707 and 727 jetliners, died Tuesday in Seattle. After joining Boeing in 1940, he worked on Boeing's B-29 bomber, then moved to the company's commercial aircraft side after World War II.

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