Erick Hawkins, 85, a choreographer who danced with George...


November 25, 1994

Erick Hawkins, 85, a choreographer who danced with George Balanchine and Martha Graham and later founded his own dance company, died in New York on Wednesday of cancer. Mr. Hawkins was the first American student at George Balanchine's School of American Ballet. Mr. Hawkins and Ms. Graham married in 1948, then divorced in 1954. President Clinton awarded Mr. Hawkins the National Medal of Arts last month.

David Berg, 75, leader of The Children of God, a controversial Christian sect involved in legal conflicts across the world, is dead, his followers said in London yesterday. Mr. Berg founded the organization in the late 1960s in California. It claims 6,000 adult and 3,000 children members in 50 countries. The group has been investigated in Argentina, France, Spain, Australia, Venezuela and Peru on charges of forced menial labor, child abuse and using prostitution to attract recruits. Members have never been convicted.

Bill"Doc" English, 60, who claimed to have been the original Buckwheat of "Our Gang," died in Tempe, Ariz., on Nov. 15 of heart problems. In 1990, he appeared on the TV program "20/20" and said he was the child actor who played Buckwheat of the "Our Gang" series, which began in 1934 and later became known as "The Little Rascals." After the program aired, ABC acknowledged that Mr. English wasn't Buckwheat.

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