Thanks Aplenty

November 24, 1994|By Vida Roberts | Vida Roberts,Sun Fashion Editor

Family and friends who gather at Thanksgiving are more likely to be concerned with dressing the turkey than dressing up. It's America's cozy holiday when showing up after a long absence is rated much more important than showing off. Comfort is the standard for the trip to grandma's house and folks dress in easy clothes with enough give for second helpings, thank you.

During the rest of the year, however, there are all kinds of pressures to dress to impress. That's the way of fashion. Magazines, TV and ads all tout the latest thing. In recent memory that has meant marvels such as rubber cocktail dresses and nose rings. No thank you.

Upon reflection, we should pray that trends such as the third incarnation of the Nehru jacket go the way of next Monday's turkey hash. We should be thankful, too, that fashion makers sometimes spin things which give us a smile and make getting dressed a pleasure. Here are some of them.

LYCRA: The better-bodies-through-chemistry fiber stretches and constricts as we need it. We can be especially grateful for pantyhose tops that flatten stomachs and paralyze thigh jiggle. Very important as the buffet season gets in full swing.

* T-SHIRTS: They can go anywhere as long as they're clean. They can shout a message, go to a party or be reminders of a great weekend.

* JEANS: The great American equalizer which moguls, moms and models can wear with the same confidence.

SNEAKERS: High-tech or generic, they've put people of all ages on the move and got our hearts and enthusiasms pumping.

* HIGH HEELS: Marvelous contraptions. The naysayers just don't understand the little fashion high they give women.

SHOULDER PADS: Rumors of their demise are untrue. Designers are sticking with those bits of extra padding that give women's clothes some balance.

* THE WONDERBRA: That and all its cousins has done so much with so little for so many.

* RED LIPSTICK: After muddy mauves and even black, real lips are a cheerful prospect. The few seconds it takes to pucker and retouch are a morale booster.

* BASEBALL CAPS: They remain a major player for bad hair

days, no hair days and all seasons.

* FASHION VICTIMS: We need them as walking reminders that there is more to life than owning a Prada backpack.

* BACKPACKS: So practical and jaunty in luxe or surplus versions and ever so much nicer than those fanny packs which used to spring like goiters on people's midsections.

SHOPPING BAGS: The paper kind that status designers mark with a distinct logo and build to last through many packed lunches.

* SUNGLASSES: Big, round, or sport, they provide instant allure without the effort of eye contact.

* SELF-TANNERS: The new varieties bring out a hint of color without turning skin yellow like you-know-who's chicken skin.

BLACK OPAQUE TIGHTS: A working woman's best cold weather friend. They go with everything, conceal stubble and make legs look long and slimmer.

* BLUE EYE SHADOW: Just like the blue Colts Marching Band, it never really went away in some parts of town and now is back in step.

* THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS: Elegance without effort. Perfect.

* QVC: A way to find out what it is you don't want as you watch thousands of women ordering the exact same big top.

* MATURE MODELS: Lauren Hutton with her gap-toothed smile and Carmen with her silver hair prove that an interesting life is a good accessory.

* FANTASY FASHION: We need ideas and laughs even if outlandish only makes folks grateful they shop the Landsend catalog.

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