Glendening's margin grows to 6,000 ELECTION 1994: AFTERMATH

November 23, 1994|By William F. Zorzi Jr. | William F. Zorzi Jr.,STATE BOARD OF ELECTIONSSun Staff Writer

Democratic Gov.-elect Parris N. Glendening's margin over Republican Ellen R. Sauerbrey widened to exactly 6,000 votes yesterday, as every local elections board but Baltimore City's certified general election results as final.

But the GOP has not given up, as supporters of Mrs. Sauerbrey continued in their second day of copying thousands of pages of voter records in the city, in an effort to prove their unspecific allegations of voter fraud.

The near-final results have Mr. Glendening winning with 708,086 votes to Mrs. Sauerbrey's 702,086 -- despite the fact he carried only three of the state's 24 jurisdictions.

Those three, however, are the state's largest jurisdictions -- Baltimore City, Prince George's County, where Mr. Glendening is executive, and Montgomery County.

Baltimore County and Prince George's County certified their results yesterday afternoon, while Baltimore election officials worked into the evening, double-checking the city vote, hunched over desks covered with tally sheets and adding machine tapes.

The Baltimore elections board is scheduled to meet today at 12:30 p.m. to officially certify the city results, but little, if any, change is expected from figures released yesterday, said Gene M. Raynor, state elections administrator.

Those figures gave Mr. Glendening 114,022 votes to Mrs. Sauerbrey's 38,420 in the city.

The final step will be a meeting of the Board of State Canvassers -- which consists of the Maryland secretary of state, comptroller, treasurer, attorney general and clerk of the Court of Appeals -- which is scheduled for Dec. 7 in Annapolis. That group will formally certify the tallies from around the state, Mr. Raynor said.

Meanwhile, in Baltimore yesterday, teams of GOP volunteers, led by a Republican National Committee lawyer, continued copying the city's voter registration rolls -- the first step in a long and tedious process that Sauerbrey supporters say they expect to show voter fraud.

The Republicans got only as far as copying pages from precinct binders from the first nine of the city's 28 wards, with the bulk of the work ahead of them, said Barbara E. Jackson, the city elections administrator.

"They'll be here until, well, Santa Claus will be here," Ms. Jackson said.

"They're in for it," she said, referring to the sheer volume of material to be copied and analyzed.

"They really don't know what they're asking for, but I'm going to supply it."

The Republicans are working their way through nearly 500 binders that show all the voters registered in Baltimore's 408 precincts. After finishing with the binders, the Republicans intend to make photocopies of the 152,400 voting authority cards that voters signed before entering the voting booth Nov. 8.

From there, Sauerbrey supporters are planning to make copies of all of the original voter registration applications -- some of which are stored in a West Baltimore warehouse -- so that they can compare signatures on them with those on the authority cards used on Election Day.

That, they say, will turn up evidence of forgery and voter fraud -- enough to turn the election for Mrs. Sauerbrey.

Ms. Jackson pointed out that signatures change over the years and may be difficult to compare.

"I can pull registrations that I did 27 years ago, and my signature [as an elections official] is completely different than it is today," the elections administrator said.

If the Republicans find an indication of fraud -- which the volunteers have not yet been able to point to -- they will have 20 days from today, until Dec. 12, to challenge the city voting results, Ms. Jackson said.

As was true throughout the campaign, each side continued to snipe at the other yesterday.

Mr. Glendening called Mrs. Sauerbrey's refusal to concede "a little embarrassing for her and to the state."

Mrs. Sauerbrey's campaign shot back with a one-line statement faxed to reporters: "Everybody knows that turkeys weren't the only thing that was being stuffed in Baltimore City this month."

Current totals in gubernatorial election


Allegany County

Glendening last week -- 9,288

Sauerbrey last week -- 12,288

Glendening this week -- 9,292

Sauerbrey this week -- 12,388

Anne Arundel County

Glendening last week -- 54,882

Sauerbrey last week -- 83,599

Glendening this week -- 54,912

Sauerbrey this week -- 83,648

Baltimore City

Glendening last week -- 113,712

Sauerbrey last week -- 38,256

Glendening this week -- 114,022

Sauerbrey this week -- 38,420

Baltimore County

Glendening last week -- 102,216

Sauerbrey last week -- 134,698

Glendening this week -- 102,398

Sauerbrey this week -- 134,663

Calvert County

Glendening last week -- 7,348

Sauerbrey last week -- 11,430

Glendening this week -- 7,348

Sauerbrey this week -- 11,430

Caroline County

Glendening last week -- 2,233

Sauerbrey last week -- 4,522

Glendening this week -- 2,236

Sauerbrey this week -- 4,529

Carroll County

Glendening last week -- 12,304

Sauerbrey last week -- 31,775

Glendening this week -- 12,310

Sauerbrey this week -- 31,787

Cecil County

Glendening last week -- 6,803

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