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November 22, 1994


Dr. Leon Perry retires from general practice

Dr. Leon C. Perry retired in October after 41 years in general practice in Glen Burnie.

Born in West Virginia, Dr. Perry graduated from Concord College. After three years of service in the Air Force during World War II, he returned to West Virginia University where he began studying for his medical degree. He completed his studies at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1951.

After graduation he spent two years with the U.S. Public Health Service on the Blackfoot Indian Reservation in Browning, Mont. When he returned to Maryland in 1953, he began his career in private practice in Glen Burnie.

Throughout the early 1960s he helped with the planning and opening of North Arundel Hospital. When it opened in 1965, he served as vice president of the board of directors and as the president of the medical staff. He was also on the staff of the former Anne Arundel General Hospital.

N. Arundel Hospital receives Quality Award

North Arundel Hospital recently received a Gallup Quality Award from the Gallup organization.

The award was based on an opinion survey of 280 randomly selected patients during the past year.

They were asked to answer questions about nursing and physician care, the admissions process and the general atmosphere of the hospital.

The recognition places the facility among the top 20 percent of the 250 hospitals currently being surveyed nationwide by Gallup.

The results of Gallup's surveys, which began in May 1992, indicate that, overall, patients are satisfied with their experiences at North Arundel.

For the past five quarters, North Arundel Hospital has achieved Gallup's "premier" ranking among hospitals surveyed in the mid-Atlantic region by achieving an overall patient satisfaction score above 3.76 out of a possible 4.0 points.

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