Bands, quartet of impersonators create Elvis fun night


November 21, 1994|By DAN RODRICKS

Not for just its name should party animals consider attending "The Night of 100 Elvises," though, as charity bashes go, this one deserves a trophy for best title. Carole Carroll, who deserves a trophy of her own, is organizing the event to benefit Heart's Place Shelter at St. John's United Methodist Church, and the food pantry for the poor at St. Peter The Apostle Roman Catholic Church in West Baltimore. The event, at 8 p.m. Dec. 3 at Lithuanian Hall on Hollins Street, promises 20 -- twenty! -- rock, blues and kinda-country bands and four Elvis impersonators covering songs of the King all night long. "No song will be duplicated," says says Carole Carroll. Sounds like a hoot hoot. Tickets are $10. Call 833-0285 or 625-9799.

Talk of turkeys

Here's how a couple of local food establishments are advertising their offerings for Thanksgiving. A Lutherville carryout suggests: "Save A Turkey, Eat A Pizza." And an unfortunate sign outside a restaurant on Route 140 says: "Be a Indian, make a reservation." .. If you're looking for something to do Thanksgiving Eve, stop by the Waterfront Hotel in Fells Point after 8 p.m. It's another opening, another show for dockside artist Charlie Newton. .. It's time to consider a contribution to Santa Claus Anonymous. ... Asked at a Baltimore gynecology clinic if she intended to have more children, a 40-year-old woman said: "No, I have one of those Nordic tracks in my arms." (I am not making this up! It came from TJI reader Karen Cutler. "We're pretty sure she meant Norplant," Karen says.) ... From the Remington bureau, Ingmar Burger reports: "I had lunch with my friend, Klima, the other day. As he watched me eat a cheeseburger, he lamented the fact that his bad cholesterol was so high. 'Well,' I told him, 'a lot of that stuff is inherited.' He said, 'Oh, I know. My whole family is hereditary.' " ... Remember the 1983 World Series ring donated anonymously to an auction to benefit St. Dominic's School? The donor was Chuck Thompson. The ring brought $4,800 at auction. We don't know the name of the winning bidder, but get this: The ring fit him perfectly.

A man of duende

Here's what the late George Frazier, a critic who spent years trying to define (by example rather than language, because it made more sense to people) the magic word duende, wrote 30 years ago: "What Brooks Robinson had was more than splendor in the grass. It was duende. The driven ball screaming past him, and then -- incredibly, incomparably -- suddenly in his glove -- that was a rare and lovely skill, fielding raised to the level of pure art. But the emotion stirred in you by the very presence of this man -- that was something else, that was duende, the thing that constricts the heart and makes one catch his breath."

Swan song?

Anybody know what happened to one of the swans in the pond at the Mount Washington Conference Center? I hear he (she?) is missing.

Crossing ocean, century

They used to say of Vito Popolo, my mother's father: "He left Italy in the 19th century, arrived in the 20th." We checked. It was true. Grampa Popolo was on a ship, leaving the old world for the new world, when the old century gave way to the new one. We have been meaning to give Vito a place on the American Immigrant Wall of Honor at Ellis Island ever since it opened a few years ago. Some 480,000 names have been inscribed on the 652-foot wall -- Maryland ranks 11th nationally in donations -- but there's still room for more, according to Stephen Briganti, president of the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, who was in Baltimore last week. It costs $100 to get a name on the wall. I think Vito's 24 grandchildren ought to be able to come up with that.

Hooping it up for Terps

Just received Volume 1, No. 1 of "Paul Baker's College Basketball Insights," published here by the former college coach, Bullets talent scout and passionate hoop maven. It's a four-page newsletter, the perfect forum for this basketball-is-my-life guy who loves to gab about and write about his sport. Baker puts Joe Smith on his pre-season All-America team and picks the Terps to finish 11th in the nation. "After Arkansas you can throw a blanket over the next 10 teams," he writes. "In fact, right now Maryland, with its cohesive unit in place and the spiritual juices flowing, could probably beat Carolina [ranked No. 2 by Baker], Duke [6] and Virginia [9] -- three teams with much better talent. They really don't saddle up till January. But . . . the twinkle in Joe Smith's eye will just not go away."

But no dunking

I appreciate the sentiment expressed in this letter from a bemused and bewildered This Just In reader named Michael Kernan:

"What are those people on their car phones talking about? Are they calling in a yard-by-yard account of the drive? 'Whoops, here comes an awful pothole! That Mustang almost clipped me! Wow, lookit that pickup, must be doing 80!' I refuse to believe they are conducting important business while careening one-handed down the freeway. Maybe the idea is to seem important. If this is the case, I have a suggestion: A doughnut -- shaped like a phone. You don't have to talk; you can eat your breakfast and feel important at the same time."

A farewell note

Rest in peace, Stuart Attman. I'm sorry we never got to that rock concert with your father.

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