25 Years Ago (week of Nov. 9-15, 1969)* Oakland Mills...


November 20, 1994|By Diane Mullaly

25 Years Ago (week of Nov. 9-15, 1969)

* Oakland Mills Village Center opened this week. The village center, Columbia's second, was built on the site of a farm where Dorothy Owings had raised purebred Holsteins. Two dairy barns and a silo from the farm were incorporated into the center. One barn was to be a community center. The second, named the Orange Propeller, housed recreation facilities for young people.

* Nearly 3 million gallons of water flooded roads in the Waterloo-Montgomery Road area when five fire hydrants were opened by vandals.

50 Years Ago (Week of Nov. 12-18, 1944):

* The Emory Methodist Church in Ellicott City observed its 108th anniversary with a commemorative service conducted by the Rev. Turnbull Spicknall.

Information for this column was compiled by Diane Mullaly from the files of the Howard County Historical Society's Library.

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