Volunteers Help Make Library WorkI would like to publicly...


November 20, 1994

Volunteers Help Make Library Work

I would like to publicly express my appreciation to the citizens of Harford County who joined their neighbors on Community Service Day, Oct. 22. Across the county, the results of their work are dramatic.

Harford County Library is enjoying the fruits of the volunteers' labor at branches in Fallston-Jarrettsville, Havre de Grace and Bel Air. Members of the National Civilian Community Corps along with Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and interested citizens gave the branches a real face-lift. They painted, weeded, trimmed, mulched and cleaned up, leaving the staff and library patrons excited about the change.

The library staff agree that as good as the work was, the most positive aspect of the day was the spirit of the volunteers taking part. The supervisors from the National Civilian Community Corps were responsive, organized and offered real leadership for the participants. The volunteers were willing, helpful and hard-working. The resulting teamwork was a pleasure to see.

T&M Mulch of Bel Air deserves special recognition for coming to the rescue in the 11th hour both donating and transporting mulch to the Bel Air branch. T&M's interest in the community and its caring is commendable.

The staff, Board of Trustees and our library customers are grateful for the projects accomplished and for the spirit of giving exhibited on Community Service Day. Our thanks to all who made a contribution.

Irene Padilla


The writer is director of the Harford County Library.

True Ideals

Bill Clinton has been the best thing that has happened to the productive, hard-working American.

His inept and morally deficient administration has truly unmasked the insidious strategy of putting all Americans into the status of wards of the government.

It has galvanized citizens who would otherwise stand by complacently while their basic rights are being chipped away.

I was taught that if you work hard, save some money and improve yourself, you are then entitled to a better lifestyle.

What the liberal mind-set has taught people is that if you are depraved, dysfunctional, anti-social or looking for a way to relieve yourself of personal responsibility, the government will guarantee you a better lifestyle at the expense of the greedy people who work for a living.

Well, this is one person who did quite well in the '80s and continues to do well.


By working 60 hours a week; not asking government for more than one expects from the government and staying with the true ideals of America: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Bill Rettberg

Bel Air

It's the Criminal

Surprise! Surprise!

In a recent issue of The Sun were two interesting pieces of information for the anti-gun advocates.

On the front page: "Crime found slowing as incarceration rises."

On page 9A, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (candidate for lieutenant governor) is quoted: "You realize at some point law is not going to change people."

Now, isn't that a real revelation, a real intelligent conclusion.

Here all along I thought that firearms were the problem, and that the criminal was just the resistless victim of the violent temptation presented by the firearm itself.

What gives? Are the anti-gun people switching over to the side of the National Rifle Association? You may remember that the NRA has been saying all along, "It's the criminal, stupid."

It has been advocating tougher and more appropriate sentencing for many, many years. Its contention that 90 percent of violent crime is committed by only 6 percent of the criminals is finally getting through to the unbelievers. To say it another way, "Put them in jail, keep them there and much of our violent crime problem disappears."

Fred C. Lange

White Hall

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