Colts items will need alterations


November 19, 1994|By Ken Murray | Ken Murray,Sun Staff Writer Sun columnist Ken Rosenthal contributed to this article.

WINNIPEG, Manitoba -- Nearing the end of his legal fight for the Colts name, Baltimore CFLs owner Jim Speros said he will have 180 days upon the signing of settlement documents to remove "Colts" from merchandise now in storage.

Minus the name Colts, that merchandise then can be sold, Speros said. Any items that haven't been altered after 180 days will be destroyed.

Speros effectively lost the trademark rights case to the NFL over use of the name. He said settlement terms were awaiting signatures. "The bottom line is, we cannot use Colts," he said.

Speros estimates that he has $200,000 in merchandise that was placed in storage once the NFL received its injunction preventing the Canadian Football League team from using Colts.

Speros is asking Baltimore fans to choose a new name -- or no name at all. Results of a contest for a name will be announced next week. Speros said he believes fans will prefer to go without a name legally, but that they will continue to call the team the Colts.

"I've been told that CFL stands for Colts For Life," Speros said. "I'm willing to leave it the way it is."

If fans vote that way, Speros said he would continue to call the team the Baltimore CFL Football Club even if the league $H changes its name to the North American Football League.

He's not a throw-in

Mike Pringle, Shar Pourdanesh and Matt Goodwin were among the players honored at an Eastern Division awards luncheon yesterday.

Pringle is the East's Outstanding Player of the Year, Pourdanesh the Lineman of the Year and Goodwin Rookie of the Year.

Introduced by Canadian Broadcasting Corp. announcer Don Whitman as a "throw-in" in a trade with Sacramento, Pringle delivered one of his best lines of the year.

"I wasn't a throw-in," he said. "Baltimore gave up a film projector and a roll of tape to acquire me."


The status of Baltimore wide receiver Walter Wilson (separated shoulder) won't be determined until shortly before kickoff, coach Don Matthews said. "He's got a chance," Matthews said. "We'll wait until the last minute to decide." Mike Alexander will play if Wilson can't. . . . Linebacker Malcolm Goodwin, out for the rest of the season, had neck surgery Wednesday.

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