First-round Merry-go-round

November 18, 1994

As part of yesterday's deal involving Chris Webber and Tom Gugliotta, the Golden State Warriors will get three first-round picks from the Bullets, in 1996, 1998 and 2000. The scenario is complicated:

1996: The Bullets have two first-round picks in 1996, their own and one they received from the Orlando Magic in their trade for Scott Skiles earlier this year. The Bullets keep their own, and Golden State will get that Orlando pick, which was obtained by Orlando from Golden State in the 1993 draft-day trade that sent Webber to Golden State for Anfernee Hardaway. So the Warriors wind up with their original pick.

1998: As part of the Skiles deal, the Bullets also got the option to flip-flop first-round picks with Orlando in 1998. Now, Golden State will get the better pick of Orlando, Washington, or Golden State (another contingency of the Hardaway/Webber deal).

2000: Golden State will get the Bullets' pick, unless it's in the top three. If the pick is in the top three, Golden State instead will get Washington's first-round pick in 2001, no matter where the Bullets draft that year.

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