November 17, 1994|By George Neff Lucas

Returns from most precincts all night

Made Republicans crow with delight;

But "conservative" folks

Are a bit of a hoax

When they really are radical, right?

* * *

The voters were not merely hintin'

At dissatisfaction with Clinton;

The candidates tried

To help them decide --

No campaign expenditure stintin'.

* * *

One reason most Dems weren't the ones

Elected as favorite sons:

NRA threw its weight

Around state after state

And Republicans stuck by their guns.

* * *

In districts too many to mention

Careers were denied an extension;

But an unbitter pill

As they exit the Hill

Is that nifty congressional pension

* * *

Most pundits agree that Dole will

Campaign the next two years to fill

The top of the slate,

Actuarially late

For a senator over the Hill.

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