Bishops take on daily U.S. violence

November 17, 1994|By Holly Selby

Roman Catholic bishops unanimously passed a resolution calling for a "cultural revolution" to combat the increasing numbers of violent acts committed daily by Americans.

On the third day of their semiannual meeting in Washington, the bishops urged the nation's 59 million Catholics to work with members of other churches and to remember that "respect for life is not just a slogan or a program" but the basis for morality.

"We need a moral revolution that changes hearts as well as policies," said Auxiliary Bishop John Ricard of Baltimore, chairman of the United States Domestic Policy Committee, which wrote the 25-page statement. "Something is fundamentally wrong when children are thrown from windows, driven into lakes and killed in our homes. But the answer is not more violence or a spirit of vengeance, but rather a return to the fundamental values of respect for life, responsibility and community."

The bishops condemned the increased use of the death penalty, euthanasia, abortions and even hostility shown by drivers toward people in other cars.

"We named what the problem is: It is us. We are a part of this culture of violence," Bishop Ricard said.

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